Branding + Graphic Design

We have the skills and vision to help your business stand out from the crowd. Grey4 aims to establish and grow your brand with every design, sketch and squiggle. The stronger you brand, the more profitable your business will be, and Grey4 is the agency to get you there.
Our Approach

Our creative team are experts in designing and creating brands. Grey4 creates brand specific content for Online, Television, Radio, Print, Mobile, Exhibitions and a broad range of other handheld and interactive devices and platforms. Our production team works to create professional graphics that communicate specific brand messages as striking visuals that are relevant to specific audiences. To grow brands, our branding and design team works to communicate your brand (company, product, service or personality) articulately and memorably using copy-writing, typography, layout and colours.

Brand Strategy, Brand Tagline Development, Brand Manual Development, Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Company Profiles, Email signatures, Building signage, Packaging Design, Brochures, Banners, Flyers, Event Design and Office Branding.